Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
What to Know Before Getting Lip Fillers

The most important thing you need to know before having your lip fillers in Dubai is whether you should get them injected by a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Besides looking at their work and credentials, you should also ask to see their before-and-after photos and observe their office staff. This is the best litmus test to judge their quality of work and their level of professionalism. If you are not sure, check other patients’ comments to get an idea of how the doctor is.

Avoiding blood thinners

Before getting lip fillers, avoid drinking or taking blood-thinning medications. This is important to ensure your healing process is as pain-free as possible. Also, avoid alcoholic beverages, caffeine, and spicy foods for a week or so before your appointment. These medications can cause inflammation and blood clotting. Also, avoid massaging your lips after the procedure because it can move the filler around and create an unwanted effect.

Avoiding painkillers

You must avoid taking painkillers before getting lip fillers. The painkillers may cause swelling during the procedure. It would help if you avoided any intense activities such as extreme exercise classes. Afterwards, stay away from the sun and avoid extreme heat. While you may take Tylenol as a pain reliever, you should avoid taking NSAIDs as they can worsen bruising and swelling. However, you can apply arnica cream to decrease the bruising and swelling after lip fillers. Taking vitamin e supplements will only worsen the condition.

Avoiding activities that increase blood flow

While lip injections are generally safe and do not require any downtime, some precautions should be taken before the procedure. Alcohol and medications that thin the blood should be avoided 24 hours after the procedure. Drinking plenty of water is essential for healing. Avoid massaging your lips after lip injections because this will move the filler around, causing an undesirable effect. You should consult with your dentist for post-treatment instructions.

Common side effects

One of the most common side effects of lip fillers is swelling. Hot temperatures will exacerbate this. If you experience swelling, apply an ice pack to the area. You can also take ibuprofen or paracetamol, which have blood-thinning properties. You should also avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours after the procedure. If you experience bruising or pain, call your doctor.

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