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Kuala Lumpur Tower

Kuala Lumpur City Tour (8 Hours & 4-6 Pax)

KL Tower & Kuala Lumpur City Tour (8 Hours & 4-6 Pax)
RM 425.00



This amazing tower is called KL Tower which is the 7th highest in the world & the most highest communication tower in south east Asia. Doesn’t really matter you reach here in the morning, afternoon or at night, the observation deck which stands 300 meters high above ground level gives you the most stunning and thrilling view of this beautiful tropical city of Kuala Lumpur.

I’m sure that the awesome breeze on sky deck will mesmerize your experience.
Operational Hours : 9:00am until 10:00pm – 365 days a year


The top four floors of Menara Kuala Lumpur’s tower head has been set aside for telecommunication and technological purposes. Telekom Malaysia’s microwave station is on the third floor of the Tower Head (TH03), while the fourth floor (TH04) has been set aside for Telekom’s future expansion. Radio Television Malaysia’s (RTM) radio and TV broadcast stations are situated on the top level of the Tower Head (TH06).

Constructed at a central point at the top of Bukit Nanas, Menara Kuala Lumpur has major advantages over other telecommunications buildings. The Tower main tasks include educating and informing the public through television and FM-radio broadcasting, providing a wider reception field for programmes throughout the Klang Valley area. Due to space availability in the Tower and the short distance between transmitter and antenna, future expansion of the TV and FM-radio transmissions (the adding of new programmes) will be a simple process. Due to the great height of the Tower (421 metres), there will be services such as mobile telephones (cellular radio), paging systems and radio services for the police, ambulance and armed forces, the fire brigade, the city administration, public services, public transportation, taxi associations and other emerging network communication users. The Tower will also cover services linked to the Marine Department, the Meteorological Department and the Traffic Control Department.


 Islamic Heritage

As you are about to step inside the main lobby, you will be greeted by the main dome clad in glass. It reminds you of a diamond, an inner surface of a huge diamond to be exact. This main dome with multi spheres glass is arranged in a traditional ‘Muqarnas’ pattern or multi-dimensional decoration of Islamic architecture. This Esfahan design forms a large abrupt pattern at the bottom to symbolize the 7 layers of the skies.

The design gradually refines itself towards the apex, which represents the rays of the sun. This process reflects the journey of human life in seeking blessing from the Almighty.

The planning, installation, and decoration of the Muqarnas were carried out by the highly skilled Iranian craftsmen using traditional methods inherited from generations of master crafters.

As you exit via the Upper Ground Floor, the similar ornately decorated dome is just above you, as if to wave goodbye and hope that you will visit Menara KL again.


This rare Jelutong Tree (Dyera Costulata) is 95 years old. To conserve it the position of the Tower was shifted to avoid the tree, and a series of the soldier piles was installed as a retaining wall during the foundation excavation period to prevent the tree from topping. The conservation of the tree by perceptive planning and construction methods, incurring a total cost of RM430,000.00 permits this natural rarity to be enjoyed by the future generations. – Dated 1996.


Kuala Lumpur Skyline View @ 276m.

Regardless of the morning, afternoon or at night, the observation deck at 276 meters above ground level offers the stunning and thrilling view of metropolitan city Kuala Lumpur.

Take your time to walk around the deck, enjoying different scenery. Let the cool night seduce you with the panorama that is second to none.

Operational Hours : 9:00am until 10:00pm – 365 days a year

Pledge your vow to your loved one at our Sky Deck, at 300 meters above ground level.



Enjoy this latest thrilling experience at KL Tower Sky Box. At 300 meters up, the Sky Box extends out from the Sky Deck Ledge. It is a unique experience for visitors to enjoy the panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur. Feel free to let out your inner diva and modelling dreams with any pose in the Sky Box, as your picture will turn out simply amazing! Enjoy a unique and unobstructed view of the city from the top of KL Tower.


The KL Tower Facade Lighting exercise involves the lighting up of the whole tower, from the ground floor to the top of the antenna mast, with LED lights. Through this exercise, we will be able to save 60% of power consumption as compared with the conventional facade lighting.

KL Tower has installed 80 LED lights for the tower shaft, 160 lights for the tower head and 12 LED lights for the antenna mast. The LED light fitting system exercise was the biggest challenge as no one in the world has been able to provide a complete solution for a concrete tower with a height of 400 meters and above.
The tower lights can be seen as far as 10 km away while the lights at the tower head can even be seen from Genting Highland.


Blue Coral Aquarium officially opened to the public on 1st December 2012. It features various exotic sea creatures such as Spotted Cardinalfish, Fire Clownfish, Percula Clownfish, Skunk Clownfish, Baby White Tip Reef Sharks, Carpet Anemones, Sand Anemones, beautiful Pufferfish, and other sea star species.
Apart of our detailed KL Tower tour, we will bring you also to the following famous & historical sites during this 1 day tour.

Once we are done with our 1 day tour, we will drop you back to your place of choice anywhere within Klang Valley.


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