Kuala Lumpur-Penang-Cameron Highlands 5D4N)

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Curious as to what program? Here itinerary holiday packages to Malaysia for 5D4N:

Day 1: Arrive in Kuala Lumpur and Half Day City Tour

Pickup From Airport

Arriving at Kuala Lumpur airport, the group will be met by our representative in Malaysia. Meet and great for the first time. After that, you will be escorted to lunch. After lunch, we will take you for a city ​​tour visiting:

  • Freedom Plains
  • Art market
  • KLCC-Petronas Twin Tower
  • Palace of the King of Malaysia
  • Shopping in the hills stars

To know the details of the attractions above, can visit  Tour Packages Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur – Genting 3D2N) . After that, we will have dinner at the famous Jalan Alor with Seafood. Still in the Bukit Bintang area as well. Satisfied dinner, back to the hotel and rest.

Day 2: Travel to Batu Caves and Genting Highland

The delegation will have breakfast and continue it’s tour towards the Batu Caves and Genting Highland . The Genting Highland travel list for this tour:

  • Cable Car
  • Visit Casino
  • First World indoor theme park

To know the details about what are the destinations that can be read here  Tour Packages Kuala Lumpur – Genting – Melaka 4D3N . Back to Kuala Lumpur, dinner, and back to the hotel.

Day 3: Travel To Penang

The delegation will have it’s breakfast early morning and starts its journey towards Penang. The trip to Penang will be pursued for approximately 5 hours. The iconic attraction is one of the longest bridges in Southeast Asia. In the course of this travel later you will pass this bridge. We will be stopping by at this exotic bridge to let you capture some of the finest images floating right above the sea.


The tour list we are going to cover in Penang are:

  • Loh Si Temple Kek
  • Penang Hill
  • Toy Museum
  • Penang Street Art
  • Feringhis Stone Coast Tourism

For detailed information about attractions at the top, can go to this link  Package Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur – Penang 4D3N) . After completion of above mentioned places. We get to the hotel and checked in . Dinner at the hotel or outside you can make your own choice before make end of this beautiful day.

Day 4: Travel to Cameron Highlands

The delegation will start journey towards Cameron Highlands to get immense feel of this beautiful natural attraction. Cameron at first glance looks like a peak of Bogor. This is the view of the all-green city.

Cameron is a small town that is part of Pahang, Malaysia. This city is a major contributor to the vegetables and fruits supply to Malaysia. There are many tea gardens that are made for tourists to visit.

Travelling in this town, we will visit some of these spots:

  • Rose garden

Rose garden

This attraction is the first destination that we visit. The flower garden. So there is a garden area up and down to see this rose flower. For those who are elderly will be very difficult to climb to the top of the park. But the roses that are served in the garden also have a very beautiful bottom.

  • Strawberry farm

Strawberry farm

Cameron is also famous for his garden strawberry. You can be satisfy yourself by self pick strawberries prices will be weight to determined. Here you can also try various kinds of processed strawberry-based ingredients such as Strawberry waffles, strawberry cheesecakes, and strawberry sundaes.

The type of strawberry planted here is a type of Casarova roommates not too sour tastes. In addition, we will Also find a dwarf statue that is symbolized as a strawberry farmer. This adds to the tourist attraction of this strawberry garden. Do not forget to capture it in the form of a photo.

  • Tea plantation

Tea plantation

The tea garden has been managed from 1929 by descendants of John Archibald Russells. This garden has an area of ​​240 hectares, very wide at all is not it? Name plantation itself is BOH Tea Plantation and the resulting product is called BOH product. The tea making process is ready to drink here.

This plant is just an example of what is used as a tourist attraction. The original factory itself is not open to visitors and wider. Here visitors will be screened a video about this BOH tea plantation.

Visitors can buy products from BOH to take home as souvenirs.

  • Butterfly farm

Butterfly farm

In this attraction you will not only be presented with various types of butterflies but also other reptiles and insects. Not only that you will find a wide variety of flowers and cactus growing in the garden is well maintained.

  • Waterfall

Waterfall Robinson

For those of you who like a challenge, then you deserve to visit this attraction. The location is not far from the car park. You only have to walk about 15 minutes to reach the coolness of this waterfall.

Robinson Waterfall Attraction is free you can visit during a tour in Cameron. We will stay at a hotel near the waterfall in this region. Once satisfied playing under running waterfall, you will be taken straight to the hotel to check in.

If you want to try out to dinner outside, we will take you. After dinner, back to the hotel and rest.

Day 5: Back to Kuala Lumpur and immediately drop to the Airport

The delegation will have breakfast in the hotel before check out. Back to Kuala Lumpur, the group will be taken directly to the airport. Tour ends. See you on the next tour.