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The Four Things That Can Lead to Bad Oral Health

These health-related issues have been grouped into four categories: tobacco use, excessive alcohol use, pregnancy, and diabetes. In addition to tobacco and alcohol use, these health issues contribute to oral cancer, periodontal disease, and dental caries. Other health issues, such as oral-facial pain, are common but often have complex etiologies. Although major improvements have been made in oral health for most of the population over the past five decades, glaring disparities remain across various population groups. They also vary widely by age, race, and sex. If you are experiencing these health conditions, you must consult with the best orthodontist in Abu Dhabi.


Oral health is of utmost importance during pregnancy. During this time, saliva flow decreases, and caries formation increases. A woman’s mouth is more vulnerable to oral disease due to her increased workload caring for her baby. Therefore, during pregnancy, dental health should be a priority. This is because dental problems can affect the health of both the mother and the child.


Women experience various changes during their lifetime, including changes in hormone levels. During menopause, salivary flow rates decrease, resulting in dry mouth. Saliva is essential for oral health as it helps fight off bacteria, plaque, and minor infections. A decreased salivary flow increases the chances of tooth decay, caries, and even periodontal disease. Because saliva is essential to oral health, it’s important to learn how menopause can affect it.


From the mouth to our heart, almost every part of our body is connected to our oral health. Many of the most common oral problems include cold sores, candidiasis, and congenital disabilities. These conditions are especially devastating to vulnerable groups and affect their lives. In addition to being painful, they can undermine self-esteem, hinder normal social interactions, and cost us a lot of money.

Tobacco use

In addition to the obvious visual effects of tobacco use, this habit has several other consequences. Apart from causing staining of teeth, tobacco use can also cause oral cancer, which is linked to poor dental health and a 50% mortality rate in the world. Besides the visual consequences, tobacco use has other unpleasant effects, such as bad breath, a loss of taste and smell, and delayed wound healing, complicating dental interventions.

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