Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
The Phases of Construction Management

A project manager’s job is to manage the construction phases and transition them from planning to actual construction. They are the hub of communications for the project, performing quality control inspections, responding to requests for information, and reviewing technical submittals. A construction manager’s top priority is ensuring that the project is delivered as designed. Without proper planning, construction staff may double-buy items and buy them outside their project specifications. This can lead to costly errors and lost time.

It involves monitoring and controlling all aspects of the project:

The construction management in Dubai involves monitoring and controlling all aspects of the project. The construction manager monitors and controls the budget, risk, scope, and other aspects of the project. This phase uses project management techniques such as KPI to assess progress and track progress. The construction manager must also ensure the project delivers on time and within budget. The construction team must make necessary adjustments to keep the project on track during the construction phase.

Implementation phase:

The implementation phase is the most exciting phase of the construction life cycle. It puts all the planning into practice, putting everything to the test. The team must align itself to meet the project’s objectives and monitor its progress. A project report will help the organization know how the project progresses and make necessary changes. The closing phase is the final phase of the construction project. The contractor will deliver the final product, and the owner will be satisfied with the completed project. A well-managed construction project can be completed without any complications.

The construction phase:

The construction phase begins with the concept phase. The construction manager monitors the project’s budget, risk, and scope in this phase. This phase aims to achieve the project’s desired end and avoid any mistakes along the way. It is also essential to set goals for the project and set a time for completion. The project manager will need to communicate with stakeholders to ensure that everything goes according to plan. While the phases of construction management can be a complicated process, they are crucial to the success of a project. The objective of this phase is to meet the objectives and deliverables set for the project.

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